Thankfulness: Day 30

30 Nov

What do you know? The whole month of November flew by!

I remember older people telling me that time speeds up as you get older. I always sort of brushed it off, but I now know that to be very true.

In a week, Mike will turn 40. A week or so after that, Michaela will be seven. Time is flying.

As I tried to post each day something for which I was thankful, I also found that the days flew by. Hence the posts a day (or a few days) late. I will say, though, that not a day went by that I didn’t think “what was I thankful for today,” even if I didn’t blog about it. And ultimately, that’s a pretty special thing. I hope to carry that spirit with me in coming weeks (and months and years, since they all seem to last about four seconds).

This month had some really difficult spots. I’ve tried to respond by sharing my good fortune – financially – with different groups. I’m thankful to have the ability to do that. I have also tried to share my time, making phone calls, sending emails, signing petitions, etc.

I have written here at various times this month about how lucky I am to have such great friends and family. As cliche as it sounds, that’s the thing that sticks with me most after this month of focusing on gratitude. If you’re reading this, you’re probably either a friend or a relative, so I’ll say it: I’m thankful for you!

I am fortunate indeed!


Thankfulness: Day 29

30 Nov

I am thankful for the ability to change. It’s hard to change sometimes, but the fact that people can do it in spite of that is awfully amazing. I’ve been working a lot on trying to make peace with things I can’t change, and on not being discouraged when I can change something but it’s difficult. I tend to think those are battles I’ll continue to fight for the rest of my life. They’re well worth it, though!

Thankfulness: Days 26-28

28 Nov

Um… Where did the time go?!? I’d been chugging along– not writing every day, but writing about every day — when Thanksgiving hit and BAM! I lost my rhythm.

So this is a bit of a rapid fire list of things for which I’m thankful:

26: Gilmore Girls! I spent the day after Thanksgiving binge watching the four new episodes. It was awesome!

27: A warm, dry home. This weekend was cold and rainy (yes, even here in San Diego) and I mostly stayed inside, snuggled up. In fact, I spent last night sitting in front of the fireplace for hours. I know there are many people who aren’t so lucky.

28: Good friends. Yesterday we went a cookie decorating party at our friends’ house. Happy and Leo and their two kids live not too far away, and their son Sebastian has been in Michaela’s class for the last three years (first at preschool and now in elementary school). For the party, they provided the cookies and the assembled group provided the fun. I am fortunate to have such a good members of our village and hope that Michaela will continue to build long-lasting friendships.

Thankfulness: Day 24

24 Nov

Today is Thanksgiving!

About 10 years ago, the first time Mike ever came to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving, he made homemade cranberry sauce. It blew my parents’ mind– I think they’d only ever had canned. Last night, Mike said he thought it’d be nice to make some for my parents, who were spending the day at their house. So this morning, the three of us delivered the cranberry sauce to my mom (my dad was out), who was very impressed.

We then returned home and relaxed for a while before starting dinner preparation in earnest. And in this case, by “we,” I mean Mike, who did all the heavy lifting: turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, gravy, stuffing… I made the salad!

Mike’s cousin Maggie and her boyfriend Chris joined us for dinner and the five of us gorged ourselves. We’re so lucky to live in San Diego and to be able to have our Thanksgiving dinner on the patio. After dinner, Michaela taught Maggie and Chris how to play Sequence (a board game) while Mike and I cleaned up a bit. Then it was time for pie!

After our guests left, we watched an episode of “The Great British Bake Off” before Michaela went to bed. It was a lovely day, full of the things for which I’m most thankful: food, family, friends, and fun!

Thankfulness: Day 23

24 Nov

In 2010, Mike and I bought his grandparents’ Volvo. His grandpa has died and his grandma couldn’t drive anymore. The car was just a few years old and in great shape. Well, yesterday, six years later, Mike sold it. I wasn’t at home to see the car pull away with its happy new owners inside, but it made me think of how grateful I am for the transportation it provided. I always felt safe in that car, a heavy Swedish family-mobile– especially since I often had Michaela, my tiny precious cargo, in the back seat. I am thankful for the ability to go where I want, to be transported by a safe, well-maintained car, and I’m thankful for the memories of Mike’s grandparents and then us enjoying the car.

Thankfulness: Days 21 and 22

22 Nov

I’m thankful for the beauty of fresh flowers, like the bouquet I grabbed at the store last night to brighten up our dining room table. It’s a small thing that brings a lot of joy!

Thankfulness: Day 20

21 Nov

Yesterday (because I’m delayed in writing… again), I dropped Michaela off at a birthday party and headed to Starbucks. I ordered my favorite drink and got out my Kindle, then enjoyed a leisurely 90 minutes of reading (this book, if you’re interested). It was heavenly!

I’m thankful for small pleasures, including a few stolen minutes of “myself time.”

Thankfulness: Day 19

20 Nov

Mike and I were invited to a friends’ birthday party (yes, that apostrophe is in the right place. It was a party for a husband-wife couple whose birthdays are very close together, so they celebrate with one party) at a bar. My parents were nice enough to watch Michaela so we could go. I’m thankful to have relatives nearby who are nice enough to babysit for us, and thankful that Michaela will grow up having a lose relationship with her grandparents.

(That’s also true of Mike’s parents, who live in Oklahoma and Colorado. They come out to visit, we visit them, and Mike’s mom and stepdad have even come out multiple times to watch Michaela while Mike and I traveled or were swamped with work. We’re lucky indeed!)

Thankfulness: Day 18

19 Nov

Yesterday (once again, I’m a day behind in writing), Michaela was honored at her school’s Breakfast with the Principal. Now, the fact is, every kid gets to go to Breakfast with the Principal, but that doesn’t make me any less proud that Michaela’s teacher said she is a hardworking good student and a good friend. I’m thankful for Michaela’s teacher and for the school community that allows Michaela to thrive!

Thankfulness: Day 17

18 Nov

I am thankful for good friends!