Hospital Food

10 Dec

Way back when — five years ago — Mike and I wrote the story of how Michaela came to be born. She wasn’t due until January, but my doctor decided to induce on Dec. 10. It had been a long, crazy morning and Mike and I found ourselves at the hospital not having eaten anything, knowing we were in for a long haul (although I don’t think either one of us thought it would take as long as it did; we ended up being in the hospital for nearly a week). We were able to run to the hospital cafeteria for lunch before I was admitted… which is why Michaela and I had lunch there today!

Mike’s and my lunch in 2009:

last meal

Today’s lunch. Mine and Michaela’s:

2014-12-10 12.34.26

The end result of that fateful day. Michaela, not wanting to have her picture taken, at lunch:

2014-12-10 12.34.40


Best five years ever.



Disneyland Day

10 Dec

Disneyland is so beautiful at the holidays. That’s why I was excited to be able to take a ay off to head up there with Michaela, just a few days before her fifth birthday. d

Mike was going to go with us but ended up having to travel to San Francisco for work, so it ended up that just Michaela and I went. She and Mike used to go (just the two of them) all the time because they had annual passes, but I’d never taken her alone. My goal, therefore, was to make it a great Mom-Michaela trip where we could do things she and Mike didn’t typically do.

And that’s exactly what we did! We stood in line to meet characters after I bought Michaela an autograph book. Merida, Snow White, Cinderella, Mickey and Minnie, Pooh, Eyore, Tigger, Woody… We met ‘em all (and have the autographs to prove it). We watched a Disney Junior show at California Adventure that featured Sophia the First, Doc McStuffins, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang. We paid an outrageous amount for a dinner at Ariel’s Grotto that came with fastpass tickets for World of Color. It was great.

The trip exceeded my highest expectations. I walked almost 23,000 steps according to my Fitbit, meaning Michaela walked at least twice that. In spite of that, she didn’t complain AT ALL about her feet being tired. She didn’t complain AT ALL about standing in line for rides or meet and greets. She didn’t complain AT ALL about not buying a ton of merchandise. We were there from about 11 a.m. until Disneyland closed at 10 p.m., plus almost 40 minutes of waiting for a tram and traveling back to our car. There was NO COMPLAINING THE WHOLE DAY!

Not only that, but we had fun! I showed her the things I like to do, she showed me her favorites. We giggled together on the Teacups, held hands on Soarin’ Over California, and I took her on Astroblasters and she actually enjoyed it (normally it’s too loud for her). We sat outside at Arial’s Grotto and watched the nighttime lights while eating and chatted. She told every person who commented on her “Happy Birthday” button, “Technically, it’s not my birthday. My birthday is actually Friday.” It was a hoot.

If this is what 5 is going to be like, it’s going to be a very good year.

Best Surprise Ever

1 Dec

Mike and I decided to make a surprise last-minute trip to Denver for Thanksgiving, to spend the holiday with his family. Mike’s stepdad knew, but we kept it a secret from his mom.

We left Tuesday night before Thanksgiving and arrived in Denver on Wednesday night, driving the vast majority of that time. Michaela did great, by the way, and we had a really nice time. Utah has some beautiful parts, and the Rockies are gorgeous at this time of year. Even from the passenger seat of a moving car!

It was dark when we got to Denver. We had Michaela ring the doorbell and, since Mike’s stepdad knew we were coming, he had Laura open the door. This was the result.

As I posted on Facebook, it was the #BestSurpriseEver.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. We were able to spend lots of time with Mike’s mom and stepdad, plus his grandma and great aunt, both of whom are dealing with some health challenges. We left on Saturday afternoon, which was pretty quick, but somehow it seemed like the perfect amount of time.

After a night in St. George, Utah, we drove to Vegas. Michaela got to experience the pinball museum and wandering around downtown Las Vegas and the strip a bit (her favorite? the M&M store!). We stayed Sunday night in Vegas, in an awesome suite at the Wynn.

Then it was back in the car and back on the road. For us, Thanksgiving lasted six days. Considering how much we have to be thankful for, that’s about right.

Lost and Found

15 Nov

Michaela and I went to Target today. It’s a huge three story building at a mall. Not our usual Target, but it was on the way home. I needed to return something and wanted to look at their clothes, to see if I could find something cute for the family pictures we’re having taken on Tuesday. We each tried some things on, but one of the shirts I liked for Michaela was too big so we headed off to find a smaller size. I didn’t make her hold my hand, because she doesn’t usually stray and because she’s getting older and I want her to be independent. Well, today that went awry.

I was searching for the shirt when I noticed I couldn’t see Michaela. She often likes to hide among the racks of clothes, so I assumed that’s what she was doing. I called her; no answer. I looked around and didn’t see her. I made a wider circle in the girls’ section. No sight of her. I called her again, a little more urgently, a little more loudly. No Michaela. I knew then that she was lost.

When we went into the Target, we passed a play area on the second floor of the mall that Michaela really wanted to go to. So when Michaela went missing, I had a moment of panic. What if she’d tried to make her way to the play area?!? I knew the chances of that were slim because really, she isn’t a wanderer. I made a last-ditch attempt: went to the infant/toddler clothes section, because we’d also looked at some clothes there. I thought maybe she got lost and tried to find me there. But no. Michaela wasn’t there, either.

I was heading to find a Target worker to make an announcement over the loudspeaker when I saw two women (customers) and a Target employee. They saw me, too, and asked, “Are you Music?” I said yes and one of them said, “We found someone who is looking for you.” And it was Michaela, who was tearful. She ran into my arms and I gave her a big hug.

Michaela said she’d gone to look at something and then realized she was lost. I asked her what she did, if she did what we’d talked about, and she said yes. “I found a grownup and asked for help.” Good girl! I am not happy she wandered, but am so glad she knew what to do.

Michaela was mortified by the whole thing. She asked me to keep it a secret just between us, told me I can’t tell her dad. When I asked her why, she hedged. Finally she said, “I think he’ll be concerned.” She wouldn’t tell me concerned about what, or what that means to her. I tried to get her to tell me more (what she went to look for, how she felt when she was lost, how she is feeling now), but she’d have none of it. She told me, “I don’t want to talk about it, Mommy” and that was that.

Trees and PhDs

15 Nov

Last year I bought Michaela a Claremont McKenna College shirt. Gotta get her hooked on my alma mater early! She’s expressed interest – in a vague, 4 year-old way – in the concept of college and in learning more about CMC, so I decided to take her for a campus visit. Mike is out of town this weekend and I thought it would be a good way to keep us busy (hello, two hour car ride each way!).

We started our day with a trip to The Bagelry. My favorite! I always get the Route 66 sandwich on a sundried tomato bagel.

I let Michaela pick her food; she went with a chocolate chocolate chip bagel, toasted with cream cheese. Healthy!

After lunch, we headed to Claremont McKenna, where I showed Michaela the fountain students get tossed into on their birthday (she was fascinated by that, giggled at the idea of her mommy being thrown into the water), the dining hall, the dorms where I lived and met some of my best friends, the classroom buildings, and Story House (where student mailboxes are).

There were some things that made me laugh, like this:

North Quad (the part of campus where the “party” dorms are) on Saturday afternoon, showing the remnants of a Friday night party on the lawn.

And things that made me shake my head, like this:

This is Benson, the dorm I lived in my first two years. Apparently it’s being expanded. I’m sure it also is being upgraded. Which is funny because I remember when they did some renovations in between my freshman and sophomore years, and it seemed so fabulous. (Take away: I’m old!)

Claremont is known as “The City of Trees and PhDs,” and I’d promised Michaela crunchy leaf piles to be able to play in. CMC has some trees, but the Scripps College campus is much better for that sort of thing, so we walked over there and found a lovely tree-lined stretch where Michaela played to her heart’s content.

After a leaf fight, we went back to the car and drove to my other Claremont visit must-have : 21 Choices! When I was in college, a “tres small” size fro yo was like, $1. Now it’s more like $3 or $4. (Again: I’m old!) But it’s worth every penny to see Michaela enjoy it.

Of course, given how much CMC costs these days, I should probably save my money…

(Michaela, peering into the CMC admissions office)

Train Adventures

15 Nov

On Veteran’s Day, Michaela’s school was closed, I had the day off work, and Mike was able to sneak away and spend time with us. So what else could we do but take the train to Carlsbad, a city about 30 minutes up the coast from San Diego?

We started by grabbing some breakfast. I’d planned for us to eat on the train, which winds its way north along the shore, but Michaela was starving so we improvised. Breakfast on the train platform it is!

Then it was onto the train. We bought Coaster tickets, but were able to hop on the Amtrak (which is nicer) on the way up.

We got off at Carlsbad Village, which is a sweet little downtown area. Lots of antique shops, little boutiques, restaurants.

We walked around a bit, then settled into a park to eat the picnic lunch I packed.

I didn’t know this until we got there, but Carlsbad is apparently home to highly alkaline water, which is bottled and sold. I tried it, didn’t really notice much different about it.

This dude is the one who discovered the water.

We walked down to the water, where Mike buried Michaela in the sand.

After a long, fun day, it was no surprise that Michaela was bushed. She fell asleep on the train ride home.

Not bad for a Tuesday!

Big day for a big girl

3 Nov

Mike and I took Michaela today for her first ever big girl hair cut. Until now, the only cut she’s had was a trim that Mike did about a year ago. This was better.  :)

Michaela was a trooper for Sylvia, the lady who does my hair. She looked adorable on a pillow in the wash bowl. She chattered incessantly, which is par for the course these days. She stayed still like a statue and lifted her chin when directed. And the end result was a fantastic haircut that made her look like the big girl she is.

We followed up the haircut with Michaela’s first trip to the dentist. Technically, she’d been once before and the dentist did a quick peek in her mouth, but it wasn’t a real appointment. I’m proud to say that, like at the hair salon, she did great! No cavities. And when they gave her a little to go bag of dental supplies, she dived right in, pulling out the floss and exclaiming with unbridled joy: “Mom, look! My own floss!”

After the dentist, I dropped Michaela at my mom’s house so Mike and I could attend a parent-teacher conference at Michaela’s school. And oh my goodness! Her printing is top notch, among the best in the class. She’s independent, responsible, and a good friend. They said she loves to help and is very empathetic. The teachers raved about Michaela, didn’t have anything for us to work on with her. In fact, when I asked if there was anything we could do for the teachers, one of them said “Send her every day” (she only goes three days a week). The other one said if they had a class full of Michaelas, their life would be much easier.

I’m very proud of the wonderful girl we’re raising. I just can’t believe how fast time is going!

Movin’ shoes

28 Oct

In May of this year, I was at my heaviest weight, outside of when I was pregnant. I was super heavy! By June, my mom asked me if I was pregnant, based on how I looked in a picture Mike posted on Facebook. I wasn’t; I was just fat. In July, with encouragement from my friend Arika, I started pilates and got on the road to being fit.

I was doing pilates 3-4 times a week by the time August rolled around. We headed to Kansas for Mike’s brother’s wedding and I packed my running shoes and workout gear and began the Couch to 5K program. The idea is, you can go from sitting on your butt to running a 5K in about 9 weeks, using this app that gradually increases the amount of running you do until you’re running for 30-40 minutes straight.

Since then, I’ve continued to do the C25K program — though not as much as I should (you’re supposed to run three times a week; I’m waaaaaaay below that. My friend Elyse is being very encouraging on the running front, so hopefully that will improve) — and to go to pilates. I’ve tried a CrossFit class, Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred, and the Lifehacker 7 minute workout. I have been much better about what I eat, and even got a Fitbit to help motivate me to take more steps throughout the day and drink plenty of water (you’re supposed to drink half your weight in ounces each day).

It’s paying off, too. I am down just over 20 pounds since May. My clothes are all too big and I feel better than I have in a long time.

I’m really proud of the way I’ve started to incorporate fitness into my life in a sustainable way. In September when I went on my annual girls’ trip with my college friends, I went to the hotel’s fitness center both days I was there. And last week, when I was in Atlanta for a consulting gig, I went to the gym. In fact, I got in at about 8:30 p.m. and went immediately to the gym to run. I did it because I’d spent all day on the plane, being sedentary, and I wanted to get in my steps and burn some calories. I knew I’d probably eat too much while I was gone, so I ran again the next day, too.

This new me? I like it a lot!


18 Oct

Michaela is just a couple of months shy of turning five. She lately has been very interested in spelling words instead of saying them, so I thought I’d share a list of words she can spell all by herself and that she regularly sprinkles into conversation:

  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Rey
  • Go
  • No
  • Yes

You may notice that Michaela is not on that list. She is a bit hit or miss on spelling her name. Lots of times when she writes it, it’s more like Mcihaela. Definitely a work in progress!

She’s a very verbal little girl. In fact, at her preschool’s parent night the other day, her teacher said she loves talking to Michaela because she has such a big vocabulary. She said it’s clear we talk to her like a grown up (meaning we use adult words, not that we discuss adult topics, ha ha), which is definitely true. No baby talk in our household!


1 Oct

Sometimes Michaela says things that just crack me up. Tonight, she was fighting sleep. We have a set routine for bedtime, but usually Mike does it with her, not me. He’s out of town, though, so it was all me– and I got to listen to these chestnuts.

Michaela, laying in bed, not sleeping. Me sitting in the rocking chair in her room. Out of nowhere, Michaela says, “I asked myself, ‘Do I want to rock [on my lap, in the chair] or do I want to lay in bed?’ You know what I decided? I want to rock.”

Later, a big yawn. Then, “Goodnight, sweet little bear!”

This is the same girl who I took to Rubio’s today for dinner. She said to me, completely out of the blue, in the sweetest tone ever, “Thank you, Mommy.” I asked her thank you for what? She said, “For bringing me to Rubio’s.” I told her thank you for being so sweet, to which she replied, “I don’t always carry my good manners with me, but I try.”

Today was one of those days. In the shower this morning, she was talking about my mom, who, for whatever reason, she sometimes refers to as “Grammy.” (For the record, my mom’s “official” name to Michaela is Grandma Janice, so this is something Michaela just made up on her own.) I said something about Grammy and Michaela said, “Mom, you know what a Grammy is?” I said “Your grandma?” She said, “No! It’s a music award!”

That was a little bit after I’d wrapped up the first day of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. Which is really hard, btw. Jillian said, “let’s do some more jumping jacks!” I groaned, “AGAIN?!?” And Michaela piped up with “You probably should have picked something else, Mom.” Indeed.

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